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    12 Games Teachers Don't Want You To Know They're Playing While They Invigilate Your Exam

    I used to be a teacher so I knew this happened, but I only realised how much after I asked people on Twitter to tell me about it...

    1. Pole dancing

    Monkeybusinessimages / Getty Images

    2. Paperboy

    If you're wondering why your invigilators are dashing to give you the extra paper to write your answer on, it's because they're playing a game. First one to hand out all their paper wins.

    3. Chicken

    You walk at each other down the exam hall aisle. Whoever turns off first loses. I know it happens. I've seen it with my own eyes. But it turns out there's a more advanced version...

    4. Pacman

    Andresrimaging / Getty Images

    5. Battleships

    Allocate the pupils as various squares, draw a grid of the room and "fire a missile" by standing next to them. As spotted in the wild by a concerned mother on this Mumsnet thread.

    6. Man in the mirror

    Spotted on this blog: "One teacher is nominated before the exam to be at the front of the hall; the others take their places at the back and spend the exam copying his movements."

    7. Millionaire, prison, pregnant

    One Twitter user said that teachers would stand next to the three kids most likely to be first to these things. Bastards. And then an email submission showed how brutal they really are...

    8. Ugly

    Adamgregor / Getty Images

    9. Roger Bannister

    A simple game. How quickly can you do a lap of the hall without anyone noticing you're walking quickly?

    10. Spot the best spelling mistake

    This game does what it says on the tin. As confessed on an old BBC post.

    11. Cleverclogs

    As confessed here. Exercises include: "calculating the length of the floorboards used to floor the exam room; calculating the height of a column that could be made from the bricks making the room; counting the shuttlecocks in the sports hall lights; and calculating the distance they travelled to become trapped."

    12. Naughty or nice

    Luckybusiness / Getty Images

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