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This Irish Girl's Ice Bucket Challenge Fail Might Be The Most Painful Yet

Poor Teresina Bell.

Here's Teresina Bell from Ireland, about to do the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Nothing unusual here. Ice in bucket, ice on head.

But Teresina doesn't like the ice, and runs away. And that's where it all goes wrong. Why?

Well, you should probably watch her video. OUCH.

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Kudos to whoever pointed out there's some ice handy.

Anyway, Teresina's OK. She's posted on her Facebook, "[D]id do some damage. Whip lash to the neck. Swollen forehead, jaw, busted lip and sore tooth, cuts and bruises on my face but I am healing."

And she's even been on the radio to talk about it.

Teresina Bell and her mam, Anita, in with Gerry this afternoon after an Ice bucket Challenge gone wrong

What a hero.