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This Illustrator Is Randomly Adding Delightful Cartoons To People's Instagram Pictures

Lucas Levitan is providing a splendid public service. H/T Bored Panda.

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Lucas Levitan is a Brazilian illustrator based in London.

He tells BuzzFeed News: "I’ve been drawing my entire life, but have kept my drawings hidden away while I was doing art projects and making my living as a creative director in advertising."

"Last year, whilst standing on Redchurch Street in East London, a brick fell from the fourth floor scaffolding of a building site and missed me by millimeters. It made me think I should be doing more or what I love: drawing."

"Photo Invasion is a cross-over of two of my passions, illustration and photography. I started by illustrating my own pictures..."

"...but after a while I thought it might be interesting to mix and match partnerships with other friends and photographers."

"I've chosen Instagram as a platform to hunt for my 'victims'."

"I started this project slightly worried as I couldn't predict if the victims were going to love it or hate it."

"Close friends and family were my first victims but...I got more courageous and I started to invade people's I have never [with] before."

Levitan feels the project "embraces the essence of social media behaviour."

He says: "I always treat my victims with respect, crediting the photographer and creating a fantastic relationship between the victim and the thief (myself)."

"It's a celebration of image-making and partnership through creativity."

"When creating my images, I [find] myself laughing alone on my desk while I'm drawing them."

Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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