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This Homeless Man Says He's One Of The Best Chess Players In Cambridge

Slide Martins calls himself a "Knight of the Road".

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This is 61-year-old Slide Martins with his dogs Check, 13, and Mate, 3.

Richard Marsham /

Slide, who says he got his name because he was conceived in a playground, regularly offers games to the city's "brightest and best". He doesn't do drugs but he does drink, and he claims the drunker he gets the better he plays.

He told Cambridge News that he offers the games as a way of keeping out of trouble with the police.

Richard Marsham /

The chess games he offers mean he can't be arrested for begging. He doesn't charge for the games but accepts donations.

He told the paper: “I do get beat occasionally but I mostly win. They are not very bright in Cambridge – they wouldn’t have to go to college if they were."


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