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This Guy Photobombs Stock Photos And It's Hilarious

Matt Vescovo says he "injects reality into an unreal world by injecting himself".

The Stock Photobomber is Matt Vescovo, a 45-year-old animator and writer who lives in Los Angeles.

Here's a stressed businessman...

...and here are two businessmen playing hide and seek.

Here is a young couple playing in the sea...

...and here is a young couple playing in the sea while Vescovo hopes no one notices he's having a pee.

You get the idea. Vescovo told BuzzFeed News:

I was in a gift shop and I happened to walk by the aisle where they sell picture frames. I remember looking at the stock photo of the smiley family in a loving embrace they had in the frame and thinking to myself: "They're not a family, they're actors who met 10 minutes before they took this."

It felt a little fake to me and so I thought, "I know what will make it more real, if I'm in there."

The reaction has been pretty amazing, people really seem to like the photobombs. I think photobombing is such a big thing these days and I just happened to take it and add a little twist. I do it all on Photoshop. God bless Photoshop.

You can follow him on Facebook or Tumblr. Enjoy!