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This Girl Had A Football-Sized Tumour Removed From Her Face And The Outcome Is Utterly Heartwarming

These pictures are shocking, but this is a story with a happy ending.

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She told Barcroft Media: "It started from a little swelling inside and the gums started growing little by little. We went to hospital and they didn’t know what it was – they did nothing.”


Surgeon Dr Gary Parker told Barcroft Media: “When it grows where it is in the mouth - as it expands it pushes the tongue into the back of the throat and that’s when they get into airway crisis where they can’t breathe."

He told Barcroft Media: “When she heals six months from now she can have artificial teeth if she wants. That will help her with her chewing – appearance-wise and functionally she should be able to have a normal life.”

She said: "They made me happy – now I want to study and help other people. I would like to work on the Mercy Ship to help people for free, like they have done for me."

Grace's story will appear in a new series of Body Bizarre, which airs every Thursday at 9pm on TLC.


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