This Girl Did The Ice Bucket Challenge After Having Her Wisdom Teeth Out And It’s The Funniest, Most Heroic Video Ever

Meghan Waterman, you win everything.

1. What happened: Meghan had her wisdom teeth out, so she was dosed up on drugs — and, to her horror, bleeding.


2. Her mum told her to stay in her room. So she had to be very quiet. But despite bleeding, despite worrying about upsetting her Mum – she DID IT.


And found time to tell us she loves us.

3. Meghan told BuzzFeed: “The feedback has been pretty good. I’m getting comments on how I made someone’s day and that’s an amazing feeling.”


“I filmed it, then passed out for like an hour and saw it on my Facebook. So I’m guessing I put it up straight away. After a while I put it up on my Tumblr and it started to get loads of notes and I got really confused. Now I’m still confused but I’m super happy I made people smile.

“I’m feeling pretty peachy now! Besides the fact I have four holes in my mouth I feel great! Plus I have an excuse to watch Netflix all day, so everything is awesome.”

4. Here it is – quite possibly the greatest ice bucket challenge there will ever be.

By the way, when Meghan’s not being an ice bucket hero, she’s a pretty awesome singer, with a much less puffy face.

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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