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    Meet The Father Posting Hilarious, Exhausting Vines Of His Saturday Mornings

    They're utterly delightful, but might also put you off parenting forever.

    Bottlerocket - real name Tony - is a 38-year-old father of two who lives just outside Boston, Mass.

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    He has two kids, aged 4 and 7. The younger one is featured in these videos.

    He began making Vines in February 2013. He now has over 300,000 followers.

    He tells BuzzFeed: "I loved the simplicity of the app. I also loved that you could tell a story in six seconds, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. I started making stop motion Vines with my kids' Lego toys, and then graduated to making skits with my kids."

    His kids are often the true stars.

    He says: "I like to try to parody songs or anything else that's popular at the moment. My oldest daughter really likes to make the Vines, and take directions really well. She is patient with the entire process. My youngest, who is featured in our Saturday Morning compilation, is another story...although she is getting a lot better!"

    So what's REALLY going on in these clips?

    He says: "Every Saturday morning, my daughters go to dance class. My oldest goes with my wife first, leaving me home with youngest for an hour before I take her to her own dance class. She requests her playlist on Spotify EVERY Saturday morning. I started to film my reactions to her songs and dancing while I was checking my email and messages in the morning, having my coffee, or just generally trying to wake up on the weekend. Of course, I added the annoyed look to make them funnier. My daughter DOES NOT annoy me."

    As he says: "She's the best."

    "So many people enjoyed these Vines that I started filming them every Saturday. I tried to catch her doing something funny behind me, and she loves to watch herself on camera, so I immediately show her right after. My kids don't have their own Vine accounts or smart phone or anything like that, so when they want to watch Vines, they just rewatch all the Vines on my profile. I only Vine, and re-Vine, family-friendly content."

    He's clearly a great dad, but it hasn't stopped him getting some criticism.

    He says: "I couldn't believe some of the negative comments coming in on YouTube, some people believing that I ignored my daughter for the entire day. These Vines are such a snap shot of daily life, and are meant to entertain. I try to show the funny side of being dad. I love hearing from other dads on the app as well, so many of them message me and say great things. The main goal is to entertain my family and my friends, every thing that comes after is a bonus!"

    With that many followers, it's a good job he knows how to deal with trolls.

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