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    This Family Posted Heartbreaking Photos Of Their Son After He Died From A Hit Of Synthetic Marijuana

    Connor Eckhardt's family set up this Facebook page to warn users about the dangers of the drug.

    In July, Connor Eckhardt, 19, from Roseville, California, inhaled some dried herbs that had been sprayed with chemicals.

    Facebook: Connor-Reid-Eckhardt

    "Spice" or "K2" is synthetic marijuana; it's impossible for users to know exactly how strong it is.

    His brain swelled and he slipped into a coma. A few days later, he died.

    Facebook: Connor-Reid-Eckhardt

    Eckhardt's father, Devin, told KTLA 5: “In a moment of peer pressure, he gave into that, thinking that was OK, it was somehow safe, and one hit later, he goes to sleep and never wakes up."

    They've now set up a Facebook page with pictures of their son as a warning.

    Facebook: Connor-Reid-Eckhardt

    Dr Andrew Monte, lead author of an editorial in the New England Journal of Medicine, told the LA Times: "These substances are not benign. People may not realise how dangerous these drugs can be – up to 1,000 times stronger binding to cannabis receptors when compared to traditional marijuana."

    Prior to his death, Eckhardt had decided to become an organ donor.

    Facebook: Connor-Reid-Eckhardt

    According to MailOnline, this "gave his family four more precious days with him as doctors found recipients and prepared for the transfer of Connor's heart and other vital organs. Veronica [his mother], Devin and Connor's sisters Sabrina and 5-year-old Ashnika gathered by his bedside and memorised the lines of his face, touched his hair and kissed his forehead."

    Connor Eckhardt died after taking ONE HIT of synthetic marijuana (SPICE, K2, POTpourri). This dangerous substance is legal. Help us save lives by sharing.

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