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This Dog Has Kept Her Toy All Her Life And It's The Cutest

And she's destroyed all her other toys!

Here's Luca the Alaskan malamute back when she was 8 weeks old...

...and here she is a few days ago.

She's now 1 and a half years old. She's owned by Karissa Lerch and her boyfriend, Stephen. They're from Durham in North Carolina.

BuzzFeed contacted Lerch after the pictures of Luca went viral on Imgur.

"I originally got the stuffed animal when I was in college when I really wanted a puppy," Lerch said.

She wasn't financially stable enough to own one, so had to settle for a stuffed toy. "A few years later, when I was able to finally get my own dog, I passed the stuffed animal down to her and she has kept it by her side at all times ever since," she said.

"Luca really is a sweetheart," Lerch said. "The most cuddly, loving dog you'll ever meet. She is full of personality, and everyone who meets her loves her."

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