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    Faithful Dog Guarded The Spot Where His Owner Died For Hours In 100-Degree Heat

    Man's best friend lives up to his reputation again.

    KFOR reports that this loyal bull terrier was found in the 100-degree Oklahoma heat on Saturday, refusing to leave his deceased owner's side.

    Officials said the dog stayed at the body of his owner – probably transient – who died from natural causes, despite having every opportunity to find water and shade.

    Oklahoma City Animal Shelter supervisor Sheridan Lowery told the station: "The dog kept wanting to pull back to go back to where the remains of where the deceased owner was."

    The dog is now in kennels, and is apparently very depressed. Lowery says he hasn't found a way to lift his spirits; the dog won't eat and just wants to be left alone to mourn.

    Lowery says: “I took him out to go walk our facility here for a little bit and he keeps looking everywhere. He’s looking to his left, he’s looking to his right.”

    He's likely to be put up for adoption. Lowery: “If he’s shown this kind of attachment, this kind of dedication to family, he could make a really good family pet.”

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