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This Dad Says You Shouldn't Be Outraged By This Video Of His Infant Daughter Playing With A 13-Foot Python

Jamie Guarino says people shouldn't find it shocking.

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You might have seen people on Twitter and elsewhere getting exercised about this video recently.

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Jamie Gaurino / Barcroft USA

The python belongs to snake handler Jamie Guarino, 34, from Michigan, USA.

Jamie Guarino / Barcroft USA

He said he filmed his then-14-month-old daughter Alyssa with his 10-year-old pet snake Nay-Nay in order to educate people about snakes.

He told Barcroft Media: "I was trying to show that snakes are not evil creatures, they can be a loving pet despite their bad reputation."

Jamie Guarino / Barcroft USA

He added: "My daughter was absolutely in no danger.”

"When people see the way Nay-Nay is with Alyssa they mostly react with fear or negativity and I don’t understand why," Guarino said.

Jamie Guarino / Barcroft USA

"As you can see the snake is roaming around and it has no interest in biting her, or choking her or swallowing her. This is an embedded fear and I think people are just brainwashed."

He told Barcroft Media: "If you research the facts there are 95% more dog attacks than snakes."

Jamie Guarino / Barcroft USA

He added: "To those of you who might see this as irresponsible or dangerous, please don’t judge me based on fear or something you don’t understand. Snakes can be and are loving animals. My daughter was in absolutely no danger."