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    This Couple Received A Pair Of Pizza Selfies As A Wedding Gift

    I dough! (Sorry).

    Kieran and Natasha are two newlyweds who really like pizza. So they asked Domino's to create something special for their wedding.

    And special it definitely was.

    A local artist created these portraits across two 13-inch bases, with the couple’s faces formed from traditional toppings, including tomato puree, ham and sweetcorn.

    The couple tied the knot on Saturday 18th January 2014 at Samlesbury Hall in Preston.

    The pizza-selfie portraits were like nothing we could have imagined – definitely our most unusual wedding present! We were completely overwhelmed to see our faces on the pizzas, and the guests absolutely loved them. We order Domino's pizza all the time - so it's felt right to incorporate them into the most special day of our lives.