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Please Be Careful About Buying This Comically Tiny Chair On Amazon

"Product dimensions", people. Always check the product dimensions.

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Oh dear.

Tovar tells BuzzFeed News: "I actually already gifted the chair to one of my coworkers who has a one-year-old. Little guy seemed to really like it."

Anyway, the thing is, after Tovar uploaded it to Reddit he discovered...

...he wasn't alone.

Yes – once you've finished laughing – here's John Sheffield with his chair. He tells us he actually still has it: "Honestly, as one commenter said, it's actually quite comfy. I use it when gaming mostly because it can be closer to the TV than my couch. I don't have plans on returning it. Besides, I'm lazy and it wasn't terribly expensive."

Have YOU accidentally bought this comically tiny chair? PLEASE leave your picture in the comments below.

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