This Brilliant Woman Is Having Chemotherapy So She Knitted Herself Some Hair

    This is tremendous.

    When Megan Shone tweeted her grandma's Facebook status...

    my grandma (who is going through chemo) knitted herself some hair this morning. I swear she is the absolute best� got nearly 12,000 retweets. And a whole lot of love.

    So BuzzFeed News got in touch with Rosemary to find out a little more. She said:

    I'm 71 and I live in San Jose, California. I was diagnosed two years ago and have been off and on chemo ever since. I am feeling pretty good right now. I am an addicted knitter and when I saw a pattern for a wig, I thought it would be a hoot to make one. I am a volunteer coach for The First Tee and LPGA Girl's Golf and we had a crazy hair Halloween event. I thought the kids would love it.

    Being a rabid Giants fan, I added the hat. They loved it. I have chemo on 29 October and I am planning on wearing it and passing out candy in the infusion ward. Cancer is a real bitch, but I just live with this unwanted guest and live each day fully. I have great family and friends.

    And that's the story of Rosemary Capitolo and her knitted hair.