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    The Internet Is Going Wild For This Adorable Therapy Dog With No Eyes

    Smiley the golden retriever is your new favourite internet celebrity.

    Here's Smiley, a 10-year-old golden retriever, with one of his many friends.

    Smiley was born without any eyes.

    CBS reported that he was born with dwarfism and forced to spend his earlier years in a puppy mill before having his eyelids sewn shut.

    He was then discovered by Joanne George, who runs Training the K9 Way, a dog training service in Stouffville, Canada, Caters News reported.

    Having saved him from a life of neglect, she trained him to be a certified therapy dog.

    And now she takes him to visit the old and young: particularly those who have mental and physical disabilities. Over the course of his life he's helped hundreds of people.

    CBS reported on one particularly memorable visit to a nursing home.

    And Smiley was even a ring-bearer at George's wedding.

    What a dog he is. WHAT a dog.

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