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This 93-Year-Old Man's Poem For His Late Wife Will Turn You Into An Emotional Wreck


Bob Lowe from Hampshire read this poem on Radio 5 Live this morning. It's an ode to his wife, Kath, who died three years ago after they shared more than six decades of married life together.

As the station reported: "The charity Independent Age and the International Longevity Centre have said the number of older men living on their own is expected to increase by 65% in the next 16 years."

The 93-year-old Lowe is the first community champion for The Silver Line, a helpline for older people. He says on the helpline's site that when Kath died, it was 65 years since they wed, "but more to the point, 72 years since we first kissed…and she waited throughout the war for me and I for her".

"Ode to Kath":