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    This 114-Year-Old Woman Had To Lie About Her Age So She Could Join Facebook

    When Anna Stoehr was born, her house didn't even have a phone.

    Anna Stoehr, Minnesota's oldest resident, just signed up to Facebook.

    To do so, Stoehr had to lie about her date of birth and say she was 99 years old, because the site won't accept anything higher. / Via

    She got online thanks to her friendship with a Verizon sales rep named Joseph Ramireza, the station said.

    Stoehr met Ramireza through her 85-year-old son, Harlan, who bought a smartphone from him.

    He asked Harlan how old his mother was, asked to meet her, and has since then been teaching her how to use the internet.

    It's pretty awesome for a woman who was born in a home without a phone – or even electric lights.