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    This 104-Year-Old Liverpool Fan Doesn't Know She'll Get Thousands Of Birthday Cards Due To A Facebook Campaign

    Another reminder that people are actually alright a lot of the time.

    Here's Betty Musker from Liverpool. She's 104 years old.

    According to the Liverpool Echo, her carers started a Facebook campaign after she said she'd like "a nice card" for her birthday.

    After the page received 16,000 shares, well-wishers from as far away as Hong Kong and Arizona sent Betty a card.

    The cards are still flying in, and it's not even her birthday until 24 October.

    At the last count, 4,712 cards had come in.

    It's fair to say she's going to be in for quite the surprise.

    The Liverpool Echo reported that Musker left the city a decade ago so she could be close to family who could care for her, but still manages to watch every Liverpool F.C. match.

    Lorraine Marshall, one of her carers, told the paper: "I can’t bear football, but she’s Reds mad. She watches every game, she even watched the whole World Cup. She’s football crazy. She’s a lovely, lovely lady, and she loves her hometown of Liverpool."

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