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    I Settled The Brutal Twitter Beef Between Two Thomas The Tank Engine Reaction Accounts

    An internet experience.

    So. Here is a typical tweet by @Thomas_Reacts, a reaction account based on Thomas the Tank Engine stills and GIFs.

    But HERE is a tweet by @ThomasReacts_ (note the different underscore), which is NOT the same account.


    When you walk out of Topshop and the security alarm goes off opposed to @ThomasReacts_.

    When you're baked out of your brain, but you've got to act cool in front of your parents... #ThomasReacts

    Got that? Good.

    Anyway, two nights ago, @Thomas_Reacts started firing shots at @ThomasReacts_, addressing the account's owner.

    .@RhysCarter1994 has copied our account and stolen some of our tweets on @ThomasReacts_. GIVE HIM SOME SHIT PLS.

    @Thomas_Reacts was claiming that its jokes were being recycled by @ThomasReacts_.

    @ThomasReacts_ @PlagiarismBad You've copied our account and lifted more than two of our tweets.

    @ThomasReacts_ Wonder where you got that idea from...

    And then the drama really escalated. Sadly @ThomasReacts_ has deleted its side of the row, but this is how the start of it played out.

    Two Thomas the tank engine reaction shot accounts are fighting on line. What an amazing time to be alive.

    And @Thomas_Reacts kept firing shots.

    And more shots.

    @ThomasReacts_ Nobody's laughing at the tweets you made up yourself


    People were somewhat divided on the whole issue.

    @Thomas_Reacts @ThomasReacts_ I'm thinking of creating Thomas_really_reacts ; everyone can be Thomas if you believe

    Are you Team @ThomasReacts_ or Team @Thomas_Reacts?

    There was also a whole row about tweeting images of the original row and whether it was theft to do so, but it's probably best not to go into that in any detail.

    BuzzFeed reached out to both accounts for comment. And then an idea formed.

    They agreed to meet in a private space online and thrash out their differences.

    Whereupon this happened.

    As per the rules of engagement, the details of the discussion must be kept private. However, this was how it concluded, about 20 minutes later.

    TFW you've just successfully mediated between two Thomas the Tank Engine reaction accounts.