These Synthetic Sex Dolls Are The Strangest Thing You'll See Today

    U.S. company Synthetics makes "the most beautiful and the highest quality silicone manikins in the world." Totally NSFW because doll nudity can be incredibly realistic.

    Here's one staring wistfully out of a window.

    Here's one just letting it all hang out.

    Here's a foot.

    Here's one modelling a hat.

    And here's one with quite a big wang.

    This one's an intellectual.

    He likes you. And he has weird tan lines.

    This one's just standing outside and taking himself in hand.

    So this one, but he's got a ludicrously big schlong.

    This one has kind of a sultry, 1970s lounge lizard vibe.

    He looks like he's going to take control of the situation.

    It's business time, he's saying.

    Maybe he'll hook up with Alicia: oh, they all have names, you know.

    Or Celeste.

    Or Yuriko.

    Or Monique and her friend.

    They could make sweet love and have beautiful synthetic babies.

    Or he could do it with Willow the Elf.