These Pictures Prove The World Of Top Dog Grooming Is Really Quite Bizarre

    New York-based photographer Paul Nathan took these at a number of high-profile grooming competitions for a new book.

    Nathan's portraits include Poodles, Cockerspaniels, Bichon Frisés, Bedlington Terriers, Komondors and more.

    Not all dogs can be coloured creatively, because they don't have the patience for it.

    The colours are usually added in stages on different days, usually in sessions of no more than three hours.

    All the dyes used are non-toxic and semi-permanent.

    The groomers often dress themselves to match the animals.

    In a foreword to the book, celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky writes: "An expert eye and a pair of talented, well-trained hands are only part of the process."

    "The art of dog grooming is not only about highlighting the anatomical points that bring balance to the animal."

    "It’s also about the deep connection between dog and groomer."

    "For a successful outcome dogs must trust, cooperate with, and essentially bond with their groomer."

    You can buy his book here.