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    These Photos Of Asia Are Utterly Breathtaking

    Weerapong Chaipuck is an absolute master of low-light and long exposure photography. He uses Photoshop, but the stunning colours in his landscape pictures are primarily due to his sense of timing. You can buy prints here.

    1. Li River, China.

    2. Li River, China.

    3. Li River, China.

    4. Zhangye, China.

    5. Yangshuo, China

    6. Wat Klang, Thailand.

    7. Dunhuang, China.

    8. Northern Vietnam.

    9. Northern Vietnam.

    10. Northern Vietnam.

    11. Dal lake, Srinigar, India.

    12. On the way to Srinagar-Leh.

    13. Zhangjiajie, China.

    14. Mount Bromo, Indonesia.

    15. Mount Bromo, Indonesia.

    16. Yuanyang, China.

    17. Borobudur, Indonesia.

    18. Longshuba, China.

    19. Yunnan, China.

    20. Bagan, Myanmar.

    21. Luoping, China.