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These Pensioners Say Virgin Media Is Lying About Their £900 Porn Film Bill

Ann and Ron Hayward had their service cut after the company refused to back down.

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Meet Ann Hayward, 72, and her husband Ron, 75.


They've already hit the headlines over this issue: in 2009 and 2012 they were hit with bills for £190 and then £500, which they refused to pay. Virgin eventually backed down.

According to the Manchester Evening News:

"Earlier this year the couple upgraded their service and took delivery of Virgin’s ‘TiVo box’, which enables customers to record up to 500 hours of TV programmes. They agreed ‘reluctantly’ to re-activate their switched-off ‘on demand’ service."

They've now been hit with another porn film bill – for over £200.


They've refused to pay and Virgin has said they'll cut their £80-a-month service.

Ann told the paper: “I was told everything would be alright and not to worry. We got a message coming up on the TV saying ‘channels unavailable’. It worried me so I called up and the next day I was told I’d ordered more than £200 of films. I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it was happening again. No-one else comes in here. There’s obviously something wrong with the technology.”

A Virgin spokesman insists the films were "unquestionably" viewed by someone in the couple's home.