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    You Can Visit An Ancient Chinese City That's 100ft Underwater

    What do you do when one of your cities is beneath the ocean? Turn it into a tourist attraction, of course.

    The ancient city of Shi Cheng was also known as the Lion City because it was located in the province of Zhejiang, where it was surrounded by the five Lion Mountains.

    A dam was built to create a man-made lake, and as the water rose, the city was left at the bottom of this new found body of water.

    Founded over 1,300 years ago, it vanished from view 53 years ago when the Chinese government decided they needed a new hydroelectric power station.

    Depending on where on the lake bottom it is, the city is between 85 and 131 feet underwater.

    And there it remained forgotten until Qiu Feng, a local official in charge of tourism, introduced the idea of using Shi Cheng as a destination for diving clubs.

    The first journey down there was a voyage of discovery.

    Lion City is about the size of 62 football fields.

    The entire town is entact, including wooden beams and stairs.

    Intricate carvings engraved on buildings were seen when Chinese National Geography released images taken by archaeologists/divers rediscovering the lost city.

    Here's a picture of the city before it disappeared underwater.