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The "World's Ugliest Dog" Won A "Hero" Award For Helping People

Mugly was crowned the ugliest dog in the world four years ago, but now he's been recognised for his therapeutic work.

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Mugly has won awards for being "Britain's Ugliest Dog" in 2005 and the "World's Ugliest Dog" in 2012, but this week he won "Most Heroic Hound" at the SuperDogs awards at the National Pet Show for his work with children and adults with disabilities.

She said Mugly visits libraries, where children from local schools visit him, and is involved with a "Paws and Read" scheme, whereby "reluctant readers come and read their books to him." He also works with adults who have learning disorders and disabilities.


"One little girl asked, 'Has Mugly got special needs?'" Nicholson said. "I replied, 'Sort of,' and she skipped off saying, 'Me too!'"

"The next time we saw her she came straight over, called him 'My Mugly' and [hugged] him tightly," Nicholson said. "I later found out that she rarely speaks at all and doesn't interact with people very well. She is autistic. Her time with Mugly was precious to her family and staff, and definitely for her."

"When he first met Mugly he explored every inch of him, even smelling him," Nicholson said. "He [became] animated and [told] stories of his memories as a small child before he lost his sight, remembering his naughty family dog. [They were] buried memories from over 40 years [ago]."

"Him winning "World's Ugliest Dog 2012" was great fun, but the Heroic Hound award means so much more," she said.