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This Is Why Britain's World Indoor Bowls Championship Is Better Than The Super Bowl

An Analysis In GIFs.

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Now, the Super Bowl isn't short of excitement.

But at the World Indoor Bowls Championship the atmosphere in Great Yarmouth was even more electric when Pharell's "Happy" came on.


Just look how pumped the crowd is.


So pumped, indeed, that everyone's clapping to a different beat.

At the Super Bowl people are very aware of the cameras.

You won't see that sort of showboating at the Bowls.


The Super Bowl is all about this sort of nonsense.

Which is nothing on Barry from Eastenders.


Those people aren't leaving: they're trying to get a better vantage point.

Again. Would you rather have this?...

Or this?


This weird gesture?

Or semi-rhythmic bottle opening to the biggest tune of 2014 so far?


Look how dangerous the Super Bowl is for the crowd.

In Bowls the players have way more control.

Does this guy look happy to you?

Case closed.