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    The UK's Frustrated Wannabe Dog Owners Have Just Had Their Prayers Answered

    There's a website offering all the thrill of doggytime without the burden of ownership.

    Dogs are brilliant companions, as we know.

    The trouble is, they're kind of a handful.

    They really are.

    But WAIT. What's this?

    Oh God yes.

    Would you love to have a doggy but can't have one due to long work hours, travel, space or rental agreements?Why not sign up, as we have many wonderful doggies who'd love a new local friend like you for walkies or sleepovers?

    Everyone loves walking dogs. Even dogs.

    And who doesn't like sleepovers?

    We have lots of wonderful borrowers signed up across the UK who love spending time with doggies, and would be happy to help you take care of yours when you are busy. Over 70% of our borrowers previously owned a doggy so they have lots of experience.

    How cool is that?