The Original Pitch For "Game Of Thrones" Has Leaked And It Might Just Rock Your World


    One day ago, this redditor found a (now-deleted) tweet from Waterstones which appeared to include three images of a letter from George R.R. Martin to his agent pitching A Game of Thrones.

    As they point out, it looks like the real deal: It's presumably on display here.

    There are some significant differences, but some things are pretty much as they happened in the finished version. So what are the important things for you to note? SPOILERS FROM HERE ON IN.

    First of all, this is a proposed trilogy(!!).

    Ned's death is pretty much the same as in the books, but he manages to get Arya and Catelyn out of King's Landing first.


    The war breaks out, Robb and Joffrey fight on the battlefield, and Joffrey gets injured.


    Rob dies in battle. :(

    Sansa marries Joffrey, bears him a son, and sides with the Lannisters, a decision she regrets.

    Tyrion removes Joffrey from the Throne, and Jaime kills everyone and assumes power, then blames Tyrion for the murders.


    "Exiled, Tyrion will change sides, making common cause with the surviving Starks to bring his brother down..."

    ...and it's on the Stark side that things are most interesting. Catelyn and Arya, having escaped, pick up Bran. They take refuge with the Night's Watch. Jon Snow and Arya fall in love......


    ...but Jon doesn't act on it. Which makes sense. He's her half-brother and of course celibate. BUT.


    The pitch says: "Their passion will continue to torment Jon throughout the trilogy, until the secret of Jon's parentage is revealed in the last book."


    Now. Can you think of a fan theory that might have just had a little boost if Jon and Arya aren't actually half-siblings?

    Anyway, Tyrion falls in love with Arya, but she doesn't love him, so now he and Snow have beef. Catelyn and her kids will have to flee further to the north, where they'll meet Mance Rayder, and Catelyn will die at the hands of The Others (the White Walkers).

    The other plotline is slightly different: Daenerys invades Westeros having killed Khal Drogo out of revenge for the death of Viserys.


    And how was it supposed to end?


    BuzzFeed News has reached out to HarperCollins to verify that the letter is genuine.

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