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    The Mayor Of Gosport Just Quit After Being Banned From Every Pub In His Town

    Meet Wayne Ronayne. To his shame he claims he has been unfairly blamed for an incident that brought him fame and will mar the city's name.

    This is Wayne Ronayne, the former mayor of Gosport, Hampshire.

    Solent News

    Last month, on the day he took office, there was apparently an "incident" at a Wetherspoon pub called The Star, on the town's High Street.

    According to The News, bar staff asked the mayor’s group to leave four times. Police were eventually called and the group were escorted from the pub:

    Police were eventually called and the group were escorted from the pub.

    The mayoress, Paula Carter, allegedly told staff at The Star they could have the pub closed. CCTV shows her then trying to get into Nelsons bar, a few yards away.

    She was refused and allegedly made the same claim to door staff.

    Two days later Cllr Ronayne was given a six-month ban from Pub Watch and Ms Carter was given a 12-month ban.

    He is now standing down as the town's mayor, saying he doesn't want to bring the role into "disrepute".

    My decision is not based on any admission of wrongdoing or my inability to undertake the role. It is based on the now-damaging public perception of me that has been vigorously generated by certain members of our community. I do not wish to bring the position of the mayoralty into disrepute nor tarnish the good reputation of Gosport.

    This post has been corrected to properly credit Portsmouth's The News.

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