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A Pack Of Stray Dogs Arrived To Pay Their Respects At The Funeral Of A Woman Who Fed Them

Patricia Urrutia's story of what happened at her mother's funeral has gone hugely viral.

On the left of this picture is Margarita Suarez from Yucatan in Mexico.

She was well known in her area of Merida, the region's capital city, for the kindness she showed towards animals. Her daughter, Patricia Urrutia, told Norte Digital that she fed 20 cats every day – they weren't hers, but went to visit her home. "Every time she saw a dog in the street," she said, "[that] meant going to her house in order to feed it.”

Earlier this month, she passed away in Cuernavaca. And at her funeral, something amazing happened.

In this Facebook post, Urrutia writes about the fact that a pack of dogs arrived at Margarita's funeral.

Facebook: pattyurrutiaa


It's very painful to tell you that my mother has passed away. Thanks to everyone who prayed for her health. I'll share photos of the saddest day of my life, only because something marvelous happened that I want to share. My mother was an animal lover – she couldn't come across any without giving them a little bit of food.

Upon arrival at her wake, out of nowhere a group of dogs came into the salon and stayed there all night as if on guard. This morning they left and couldn't be found anywhere, but one hour before we brought my mom out the dogs came back and grouped around as if to say goodbye. I swear by God that it was beautiful, marvelous.

Rest in peace, beautiful mother – I'll love you for all of eternity.

She believed the dogs were there to pay their respects.

She told Norte Digital: "My brother-in-law asked if the animals were from the place and was told no, that they never had seen them before."

She said that the dogs had been lying on the floor, and when the body of her mother came in they "rose as if they were at a party... then they lied down again."

She added that the dogs, whom she believed were paying their respects, left "twenty minutes before she was taken to be cremated... in the middle of the pain, they jumped for joy. It was wonderful."

And that wasn't all. The funeral was also visited by a songbird.

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Urrutia told a local news station: "It was 3:30 a.m. when a little bird came and I could record it on video. It's rare to see a bird in that place at that time."