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The Handie Is The World's First Glove To Help Men Play With Themselves

Did you know you needed "the world's first all-in-one finishing tool for men"? Me neither.

Here's The Handie! / Via

What does it do? Well, according to its Indiegogo page, it boasts "perfect grip action".

A self-lubricating system!

Yep, apparently: "The Handie has a chamber located on the back of the glove, which can be filled with any water-based lubricant."

A vibrating function!

It says here: "The vibrator inserts into the pocket located on the pinky finger for a gentle vibration in the perfect sweet spot."

And best of all: a clean-up function! *bleaches mind's eye* / Via

So there you have it: visit The Handie's Indiegogo page and take your self-manipulation to the next level!

Or don't.

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