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    The Family Of A Student Who Died In Germany After Saying Her Drink Was Spiked Claim Her Treatment Was "Appalling"

    Jane Khalef's parents have accused German police and hospital authorities of negligence.

    Last month Jane Khalaf, 19, collapsed at Cologne’s St Marien Hospital after telling friends she thought her drink had been spiked.

    She was a first year politics student at Northumbria University, who, the Huddersfield Examiner reported, had "been on an exchange in the city after being handpicked by the university". That night she was out celebrating the city's carnival.

    According to the paper:

    Her condition deteriorated and she was transferred to the Kliniken der Stadt Koln where she was put on a life-support machine before doctors decided to turn off the machine eight days later, on November 20. Tests taken there revealed levels of amphetamine and ecstasy in her blood.

    According to her parents, her treatment by German police and hospital staff was "appalling".

    Her mother, Rojin, told the paper:

    No one rang to tell us that she had been taken ill in hospital despite the fact she had her driving licence on her as ID: we found out through Facebook. ...

    Some said she was in a waiting room when she collapsed – and it turned out that no blood tests had been taken despite her telling them she believed her drink had been spiked or that any action was taken when they found she had high blood pressure.

    Then after she died we went to the police to see if they were investigating and we were treated appallingly. They were rude and unhelpful and didn't seem interested in properly investigating what had happened. They have not even interviewed anyone she was with on the night.

    An online petition asking for an investigation by German officials has been posted here.

    Her local MP, Barry Sheerman, is quoted as saying: "There is no police investigation although there is every evidence that her drink was spiked – she was poisoned. To me, if a drink is spiked and causes death then that is a case of poisoning."

    The petition states he has "vowed to contact [the] German embassy and doctors over the treatment of Jane".

    Khalaf was well known around the Huddersfield area, the paper reports. Politically active, she'd recently spoken at a rally calling for help for the Kurds against the militant Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) group.

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