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A Couple Claim They Found A Giant Spider In Their Bottle Of Coke And It's The Worst Thing To Happen In The History Of Humanity

No. Just No. Nooooooooooo.

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This has been marked as graphic because it is completely awful. You can click it if you like but don't say you weren't warned.


Amanda Barr, from Eastbourne, bought a three-litre bottle of Coke from Iceland. Her partner Steve Knight poured her a glass, and they claim they found this floating on the top.

Speaking about this event, which may signify the End of Days, Metro reported that Amanda said: "Steve came back from the kitchen with two glasses and said to me that I probably wouldn’t want to drink it."

Yeah, thanks for that, Steve.

Metro said she went on to claim: "It doesn’t look like any British spider I’ve ever seen," and that it must have come from inside the bottle.

Fortunately, the couple refrained from burning their house down, which most respondents to this quiz feel would be a reasonable response.


The paper quoted a spokesman for Coke saying: "We can understand the distress this incident must have caused. That’s why we have arranged to collect the bottle and spider from her so that we can investigate thoroughly this complaint."