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    The "Autoblow 2" Is A Robotic Oral Sex Simulator And It Looks A Rather Scary Place To Put Your Penis

    Law school graduate Brian Sloan has crowd-funded this plug-in device, which is apparently good for at least "1,000 hours of continued use".

    Meet Brian Sloan and his Autoblow 2. / Via

    He has been crowdfunding this contraption on Indiegogo – on which point:


    Anyway, you put one of these sheathes in...

    (Sheaths that come in an extremely wide range of sizes).

    Then you plug it in, lube it up, insert yourself, and this happens.

    And it can go faster if you want.

    In fact...


    It can go really really fast.

    Watch the full video. It's funny.

    And you can find out more about the device here, and read an interview with the inventor here and here.

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