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    Tesco Has Apologised After A Little Boy Found A Condom In His Cornflakes

    What a way to start the day.

    So. We all know cornflakes are a splendid breakfast option.

    Unless something goes wrong in the production process.

    Which is what had happened when a boy poured out some Tesco Cornflakes from a store in Barnstable and found a CONDOM in them.

    He started screaming and there was lots of commotion. I asked him what was wrong and told him to calm down and eat his cereal. Then I looked down and saw something shiny in the bowl. I picked out what I thought was packaging and to my horror it was a condom. ... I don't want people to think I am after money, but they told me in Tesco this is the worst thing they had found.
    We set ourselves very high standards for the safety and quality of our products. Our suppliers have conducted a full investigation and we have provided the woman with a gesture of goodwill.