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Teens Aren't Loving The 19th-Century Meme In The AQA Biology Exam

"Just updated the meme calendar".

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Yesterday was the AQA GCSE biology exam, and teens weren't looking forward to it.

Me sleeping with my biology notes hoping it goes in my brain through osmosis #aqabiology

If the six marker is on The Carbon Cycle... #AQABiology

In the end, it pretty much went OK.

how I felt when I read the 6 mark question in the exam... #AQAbiology

#AQAbiology When you see the reflex arc is the 6 mark question

Apart from one very odd question.

No sign of pathogens or hormones on the biology paper, instead I was asked why people made a meme of Darwin as a monkey #AQAbiology

That's right, there was a 200-year-old meme.

And exactly what does a Victorian meme of Charles Darwin have to do with Biology??? #aqabiology #AQA #biologygcse…

People were very confused.

AQA trying to explain the Charles Darwin meme to the public #AQAbiology

Good job I whipped out my revision guide last night😅🙌🏽 #aqabiology

Just updated the meme calendar #AQAbiology

And didn't really know the answer.

#aqabiology I wish I could be like Darwin; dead

When #aqabiology hits you with a question on Darwin meme from 1870 that your only source of knowledge on was a miss…

#AQAbiology bet the grade boundaries are gonna be as high as the level of banter in the 1800s

#AQABiology when you've studied the menstrual cycle, thalidomide and cloning and get a question on why Darwin was d…

What will chemistry bring 😮😮😮?

Updating my meme collection for the GCSE Chemistry, cuz my Darwin memes were slacking today #aqabiology…

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