Ireland Has An Anti-Seagull Facebook Page And It Is Utterly Magnificent

#stopseagulls2k14 (contains NSFW language)

1. Many of us think seagulls are terrible.

2. And really just need to be stopped.

And in Ireland the problem is so bad that a state senator has claimed that seagulls in Dublin have “lost the run of themselves completely”. “I saw that they’re getting so cheeky now that they attack young children and dispossess them of their lollipops and stuff like that,” he added.

3. But the internet is fighting back, with this marvellous Facebook page.

4. Which includes protest pictures…


The rage is real.

5. …the singling out of dangerous individuals…

7. …a link to this vital petition…

8. …the phrase “yellow beaked sky nazis”…

9. …this nightmarish image…

10. …this revelation…

11. …and this revelation.

12. If you don’t like any of this, don’t worry.

There’s a group for you too.

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Alan White is a news editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.
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