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    Posted on Jan 9, 2014

    Stephen Moffat Says The Whole Of "Sherlock" Series 4 And 5 Are Plotted Out

    He tells the audience at the Bafta screening of His Last Vow: "The ideas are the best we've ever had."

    Yeah. Series 3 is ending, and you're feeling sad.

    Frustrated, no doubt.

    Well. Time to cheer up.

    Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss have already plotted out the next TWO series.

    Here's what Moffatt told the audience at a screening of the series finale: he and Gatiss were stuck in the rain.

    So they sat down, and began to think.

    And the ideas they had that day were the best they ever had.

    So we have got plans – but our plans don't tend to be "Let's blow up the world or cast the most famous person in the world" they tend to be "What exciting twists and turns can we add to this?" And I think we've got some crackers!

    Oh my God.

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