This Urban Adventurer Takes Pictures That Will Make Your Stomach Drop

    For the past six years daredevil Lucinda Grange from Hartlepool has travelled the world scaling famous buildings and structures and taking pictures from the top.

    1. Adventure photographer Lucinda Grange surveys the Manhattan skyline - perched hundreds of feet up on the edge of the Chrysler Building.

    2. Lucinda faces the very real risk of injury and constant threat of detection by security guards, but takes these challenges in her stride.

    3. She said: “Climbing these incredible manmade structures is something most people wouldn’t consider, but I love to test myself and find out what I’m capable of."

    4. “I know some people see what I do as reckless but often the pictures look more extreme than was the case. Sometimes climbing a structure can be fairly easy and a lot of fun."

    5. “Getting to see places that very few people would even dream of going is a big draw for me."

    6. “With my stories and images I can share the experience with people who can't do this themselves, whether because of physical or mental limitations."

    7. “As a photographer my main passion is creating exciting and visually interesting pictures which people can connect to."

    8. As well as scaling buildings and bridges, Lucinda and her friends have delved below cities exploring hidden rivers, abandoned subway stations and labyrinthine sewage systems.

    9. But for sheer adrenaline-packed adventure, Lucinda’s trip to Egypt last summer to climb the Great Pyramid, sticks in her mind as a once in a lifetime experience.

    10. Under cover of darkness Lucinda and her friend, Max, sidestepped the site’s tight security to climb the 455ft high wonder of the ancient world.

    11. She said: “The day we arrived in Cairo during the uprising a 7pm curfew had just been announced, punishable by immediate arrest."

    12. “We hid on the site for ten hours before making our way to the top of the pyramid and as we were waiting we heard gunfire in the distance."

    13. "The atmosphere at the summit was relaxed - despite the revolutionary turmoil that surrounded us the place felt a world away."

    14. And now Lucinda has put her adventures together in a book which she plans to deliver by hand to customers all over the world.

    15. She said: “I’m going to hand-deliver the first edition of the book, which has already sold out, to people all over the world. .

    16. “It will combine my love of travel with a chance to meet people who have connected with my images - and maybe have an adventure or two along the way."

    For more information about Lucinda visit her website.

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