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    12 Spectacular Acts Of Wikipedia Vandalism

    A salute to the contributors who've taught us so much.

    1. Thanks to Wikipedia we've got the inside track on our politicians.

    Peter MacDiarmid / Getty / Flickr: lodekka /Creative C

    2. We've mastered physics.

    3. We know Batman doesn't need to be described in too much detail...

    Evening Standard / Getty

    4. …but a song like Snoop Dogg's Gin and Juice does.

    5. We've learned about all sorts of characters from the worlds of news...

    Stuart Wilson / Getty

    6. …showbiz...

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty

    7. …and, of course, children's literature.

    8. We're up to date on every sport and pastime, be it football...

    Ross Kinnaird / Getty

    9. ...Mixed Martial Arts...

    Gary M. Prior / Getty / Via

    10. …or something more niche. Like cow tipping.

    11. Thanks to Wikipedia, we know every alias of this North London gang.

    12. But most importantly, we now know the names of every member of So Solid Crew. Get ready to scroll.