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    This Disturbing Video Shows How Unlikely We Are To Intervene When We See Domestic Violence

    It's another social experiment, but this one really works: What would you do? Contains NSFW language and distressing scenes.

    STHLM Panda, a Swedish organisation, posted this video to YouTube a couple of days ago.

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    On its Twitter account, the group says: "We do social experiments, joking with people and documenting the society we live in."

    The video shows a male actor repeatedly pushing a female actor against a the wall of the elevator and grabbing her neck. At one point he rams her head against the wall.

    One man walks out of the elevator just as the male actor says he will "kill" the female.

    An older woman says, "Please let me get off first."

    It makes for harrowing viewing.

    Finally, a woman reacts.

    And out of 53 people, the makers of the video claim she was the only one.

    The video goes on to point out that a woman is abused every 20 minutes in Sweden.

    BuzzFeed has reached out to STHLM Panda to find out more about the experiment.

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