Some Racists Tried To Vandalise A Temple And Failed Spectacularly

    Extreme facepalm. H/T AJ+.

    Over the weekend, some racist vandals in Bothell, Washington, decided to vandalise a couple of buildings.

    The graffiti on the left was painted on a local school. But it's the picture on the right that's got people laughing. Why?

    Because they painted it on a Hindu temple.

    And, you see...

    Idiots in US vandalised a #HinduTemple with #swastika , that's like painting a cross on a church 😍

    Shoutout to the idiots that painted a swastika on the side of a Hindu temple in Washington. Jokes on them like shit 😂😂😂's maybe not quite the message they wanted to get across.

    The vandals haven't been caught. A worshipper told Komo News: "The Bothell Hindu temple has been here for more than 20 years and we have never had any issues."