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This Model Has Translated What Female Snapchats Really Mean

That's a whole lot of subtext for a few seconds...

Holly Carpenter, 23, from Dublin, has written a pretty revealing blog about what Snapchats from women really mean.

Holly Carpenter

Carpenter was originally in art college before she won Miss Ireland in 2011. She then started modelling full-time.

She told BuzzFeed: "I feel like as a model people may assume that I take myself very seriously and I don't have a sense of humour! That's the reason I love having a blog."

Carpenter said she got the idea for the post on a girls' night out.

Holly Carpenter

She had heard comments like "I'm gonna story this selfie so he knows I'm out tonight and I'm looking well" and "I sent him a picture of my drink with the cocktail menu in the background so he knows where we are!"

Carpenter told BuzzFeed she found the tactics really funny, but was surprised when the post started to go viral around the world:

"When I saw how many shares it was getting and how many people were tagging their friends, I knew it was relatable!"

And she admitted that sometimes her own snaps carry a double meaning.

Holly Carpenter

"If I'm having a good hair day and my make-up looks nice I'll find any random excuse to send a snap to someone I fancy," she said, "like pick up a random coffee mug and write 'mmm coffee'...even though the mug is empty!"

She doesn't think men are quite as tactical as women with their snaps.

Holly Carpenter

"They definitely use Snapchat to impress girls the odd time though," she added, "with selfies in the gym or showing off something they have cooked."

"A guy recently sent me a photo of his sunburn on his arm saying 'farmer's tan', but of course he was completely flexing his muscles and that’s what he wanted me to look at!"

Holly Carpenter

Under this image she wrote: "If you like her and she sends you something like this… be sound and do not screenshot! Once you break the screenshot trust there's no going back... But if she snaps you when she's drunk it is a good sign!"

Holly Carpenter

Next up, Carpenter's planning to write about the impact social media has on the dating scene.

Holly Carpenter

"It has its upsides but I worry about how we might prejudge each other and make our mind up about what kind of person someone is after a quick creep on their Facebook or Instagram," she said.

Holly Carpenter

You can follow Carpenter on Instagram and Twitter.

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