Sky News Reporter Apologises For Picking Up MH17 Crash Victims’ Luggage: “I Had Lost It.”

Colin Brazier writes a heartfelt apology in the Guardian for his “error of judgement”.

1. Two days ago Sky News apologised after reporter Colin Brazier did this at the MH17 crash site.

2. Today Brazier has written an apology in the Guardian.

3. In a moving piece, he describes seeing a pink drinking flask that looked like one owned by his daughter:

I bent down and, what my Twitter critics cannot hear – because of the sound quality of internet replays of the broadcast – is that I had lost it. It is a cardinal sin of broadcasting, in my book anyway, to start blubbing on-air. I fought for some self-control, not thinking all that clearly as I did so.

Too late, I realised that I was crossing a line. I thought aloud: ‘We shouldn’t be doing this… This is a mistake,’ an instant apology that was only selectively quoted by those determined to see what I did as a powerful example of journalistic vulturism.

4. The apology has been well received on social media.

Very human from Colin Brazier, worth a read to remember what journalists who cover things like #MH17 go through

— MelissaCole (@MelissaCole)

Colin Brazier's apology for misjudgement at MH17 crash site a touching reminder of pressure on reporters on the scene

— Archie Bland (@archiebland)

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