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The Daily Mail Asked If Anyone In Britain Could Make A Sandwich And You Can Guess What Happened Next

The speed of response when it comes to piss-taking in this country these days is really something.

Hello, and here is today's Daily Mail front page, which asks a very important question.

DAILY MAIL FRONT PAGE: Is there no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich? #skypapers

A question that has shaken the country to its core.

Was going to make a sandwich and go to bed. Now paralysed by indecision and self doubt. #dailymail #sandwichgate

Within minutes of the front page appearing, a nation responded.

The Daily Mail are idiots. I made this Monte Cristo sandwich as proof.

This country INVENTED the sandwich, damn it.* *sort of

I think the Daily Mail are just pointlessly scaremongering with their sandwich story.

Indeed some would say there's no country on earth with a greater aptitude for sandwich-making than this sceptred isle.

I know how to make a sandwich #sandwichgate #dailymail #yesitisgeorgebush

Others wouldn't. But still...

...there was outrage.

It was time to prove them wrong.

Fear mongering if you ask me #sandwichgate

To show them what we could do.

Of course not everyone was successful, but no one said this game was easy.

Bastard cat won't stay still and let me sandwich him with bread to make a #dailymail mocking image #selfishcat

Or safe.

I've just tried to make a sandwich and accidentally got my head stuck in the blender. I think the Daily Mail might be right, you know.

We strove to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Been trying to make the kids sandwiches for 45 minutes now. I give up. .

For we are a proud nation.

This sandwich making business is harder than it looks.

Not one to back down.

That Mail headline about how there's no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich is nonsense and I'll prove it.

However politicised the issue gets.

If elected we will address this sandwich making skills gap @MailOnline As this must stop:

And we now know that when it comes to sandwiches, we know what we're doing.

The @MailOnline obviously never saw @BagelsAndSamba's 6 fish finger and potato waffle sandwich.

It has been going on all morning. We have a fresh meme people. A fresh meme.

Bane, my lab, thinks @MailOnline may actually have a point for once... #sandwichgate

Twitter lampoons @MailOnline #sandwichgate headline This from @Kenny__Stewart, for example:

Aparently throwing money at the problem hasn't helped... #sandwichgate

Nonsense @themailonline these club sandwiches are fantastic @mgmediamonkey #sandwichgate

This is a real British sandwich. #sandwichgate #jeremyclarksbun