The Daily Mail Asked If Anyone In Britain Could Make A Sandwich And You Can Guess What Happened Next

The speed of response when it comes to piss-taking in this country these days is really something.

1. Hello, and here is today’s Daily Mail front page, which asks a very important question.

2. A question that has shaken the country to its core.

3. Within minutes of the front page appearing, a nation responded.

4. This country INVENTED the sandwich, damn it.* *sort of

5. Indeed some would say there’s no country on earth with a greater aptitude for sandwich-making than this sceptred isle.

6. Others wouldn’t. But still…

Aw, man. The Daily Mail is right.

— Amanda (@Pandamoanimum)

7. …there was outrage.

@aljwhite outrageous slander. #sandwiches

— Sam Dyslexio (@SamDyslexio)

8. It was time to prove them wrong.

Fear mongering if you ask me #sandwichgate

— Alan White (@aljwhite)

9. To show them what we could do.

How hard can it be? #sandwichgate

— Zorro P Freely (@banalyst)

10. Of course not everyone was successful, but no one said this game was easy.

Bastard cat won't stay still and let me sandwich him with bread to make a #dailymail mocking image #selfishcat

— forty elephants mob (@40elephantsmob)

11. Or safe.

I've just tried to make a sandwich and accidentally got my head stuck in the blender. I think the Daily Mail might be right, you know.

— Mark Jones (@brokentv)

12. We strove to seek, to find, and not to yield.

Been trying to make the kids sandwiches for 45 minutes now. I give up. .

— Twinks (@tinytwink)

13. For we are a proud nation.

This sandwich making business is harder than it looks.

— JamieDMJ (@JamieDMJ)

14. Not one to back down.

That Mail headline about how there's no one left in Britain who can make a sandwich is nonsense and I'll prove it.

— Keri (@kerihw)

15. However politicised the issue gets.

If elected we will address this sandwich making skills gap @MailOnline As this must stop:

— Ed Balls (@eddbaIlsmp)

16. And we now know that when it comes to sandwiches, we know what we’re doing.

The @MailOnline obviously never saw @BagelsAndSamba's 6 fish finger and potato waffle sandwich.

— Martin Fitzgerald (@4hundredblows)


It has been going on all morning. We have a fresh meme people. A fresh meme.

Bane, my lab, thinks @MailOnline may actually have a point for once... #sandwichgate

— Sean (@SeanStJohnJames)

Twitter lampoons @MailOnline #sandwichgate headline This from @Kenny__Stewart, for example:

— The Drum (@TheDrum)

Aparently throwing money at the problem hasn't helped... #sandwichgate

— Will Ross (@WillRoss94)

Nailed it. #dailymail #sandwichgate

— Natalie Evans (@NatalieEvans85)

Nonsense @themailonline these club sandwiches are fantastic @mgmediamonkey #sandwichgate

— Rob Yates (@yates_rob)

This is a real British sandwich. #sandwichgate #jeremyclarksbun

— Jake Graham (@AlbionJake)
  1. Can you make a sandwich?
    1. I can’t make a sandwich, it’s impossible so no wonder we’re recruiting high-skilled labourers.
    2. I can make a sandwich and immigrants entering the job market don’t worry me.

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