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    Rob Ford Posed With This Guy So He Could Show Off His 60-Pound Weight Loss

    Toronto resident Matthew Wong — aka redditor _M4TTH3W_ — has created the "Rob Ford Scale".

    So, here's Matthew Wong with Rob Ford in July 2013.


    He was at the Corso Italia street festival when he bumped into him.

    Matthew tells BuzzFeed: "I was seeing a woman. We had been an on-again, off-again item for several years. It was starting to look like we were going to end up together for the long haul. One day as I was walking her home she told me that she was worried that if I didn't get healthy she would outlive me. I knew that I had to make some changes, so I did."

    And here's Matthew with Rob Ford on April 7 this year.


    He says: "Jokingly a friend suggested I get an after picture with him.

    So, I emailed the mayor. His chief of staff set up the meeting. It was great, I'm very thankful that Rob Ford took the time to see me. I was expecting that this would generate a little attention but I didn't expect it to blow up like it has."

    Counting calories was how I started, losing weight really comes down to burning more calories than you consume. Since healthy food has a better quantity to calorie ratio I started eating better and exercise was a way to ensure that I was burning more calories.Early into changing my habits around the woman I was involved with left me. I focused on myself and really committed to sticking with my routine and working out my frustration at the gym, it helped a lot. I stayed sane and I didn't fall off the wagon. It would have completely broken my heart if I hadn't been doing all the cardio.