12 Female Characters Too Awesome Or Awful For Disney Movies

    The best history lesson you'll see today.

    Jason Porath is a former DreamWorks artist. He came up with Rejected Princesses after a lunchtime conversation at his old workplace.

    If you're interested in wacky history, inspirational women, horrible tales, and bizarre myths, you NEED to follow this Tumblr. Below are 12 of his posts.

    1. Mariya Oktyabrskaya: the tank princess

    2. Wu Zetian: the poison princess

    3. Hatshepsut

    4. Khutulun: the wrestler princess

    5. Penta: the handless princess

    6. Mai Bhago: the Sikh warrior saint

    7. Fredegund

    8. Nzinga Mbande

    9. Corn Maiden

    10. Elisabeth Bathory: the blood countess

    11. Sita

    12. Pasiphaë.