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    19 Pictures That Sum Up The Tragedy And Horror Of Europe's Refugee Crisis

    The image of drowned 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi has grabbed the world's attention this morning. Here are 19 more pictures the world should see.

    1. Migrants and refugees gathered outside the closed Eastern Railway Station in Budapest for a second night yesterday.

    2. Over 150,000 people have reached Hungary this year, most coming through the southern border with Serbia having travelled from places such as Syria, Afghanistan, and sub-Saharan Africa.

    3. Hungary has responded to the crisis by erecting a fence along its border with Serbia.

    4. The people outside the train station are currently in a stand-off with Hungarian police as they try to travel to other European countries.

    5. This morning Sky News reported that no international trains will be leaving the station.

    6. The country's borders with Austria and Slovakia have been closed, CNN reported.

    7. Germany, Italy and France have called for Europe's asylum laws to be revised in the wake of the crisis.

    8. Britain has been condemned in the American press for refusing to accept more migrants.

    9. However, David Cameron has said "taking more and more refugees" is not the answer to the crisis.

    10. Germany expects to take in around 800,000 migrants this year – Britain has said it won't take more than 1,000.

    11. Last week 71 people died in a lorry that was travelling from Austria to Budapest.

    12. Meanwhile, thousands of migrants have arrived in mainland Greece.

    13. On Wednesday people who were trying to cross from Greece into Macedonia clashed with police at the border, according to Time magazine.

    14. Macedonia declared a state of emergency on Thursday to cope with the crisis.

    15. The BBC reported that some 44,000 people have travelled through the country in the past two months, and that razor wire has now been rolled across the frontier to prevent people from entering.

    16. Amnesty International deputy Europe director Gauri van Gulik told the broadcaster: "Macedonian authorities are responding as if they were dealing with rioters rather than refugees who have fled conflict and persecution."

    17. Many of those will have initially arrived on Greek islands and are trying to reach northern Europe.

    18. Over 3,000 people are arriving at Greece's islands every day.

    19. Ferries have been chartered by the Greek government to carry more than 4,000 people from Lesbos, The Independent reported.