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    People Are Really Loving This Brutally Honest Meal Deal Facebook Group

    It includes some of the sickest burns about sandwiches you've ever seen.

    Hello. Here is a Facebook user presenting his Tesco meal deal to the super-popular Meal Deal Talk Facebook group for assessment.

    Here is some positive, friendly feedback.

    Here is another Facebook user presenting his meal deal to the group.

    And having their choice absolutely roasted.

    Welcome to one of the most hilarious and brutal groups the British internet has ever seen.

    It's not all sick burns on sandwiches and fizzy drinks though. Often, opinion can be quite divided.

    Sometimes it's really very positive indeed.

    Sometimes it seems people are just posting in order to get roasted.

    It's just so intense.

    People are LOVING it.

    meal deal talk on facebook has changed social media forever

    Literally who even was I before I joined that Meal Deal Talk facebook group

    so tempted to buy a meal deal and whack a photo on that Facebook page then sit back and watch myself get dragged by strangers

    The young man who founded the group, Theo Edwards, a 21-year-old from Buckinghamshire, told BuzzFeed News he never expected the group to be so successful and even considered deleting it.

    He added: "Now we've hit 30,000 members on our Facebook group I'm completely overwhelmed from the interest and I have to thank all the members' posts, shares, tweets and the hard work from all the admins to make this happen. It's truly remarkable and we plan to continue pursuing all social activity on the page and potentially new social projects."

    And his favourite meal deal? "A Boots Chicken & Bacon, Chicken Salad and Chicken & Stuffing Triple sandwich, with a Blue Machine Naked Smoothie and McCoys Grilled Steak crisps. I haven't found a meal that beats that yet!"

    One of the group's first admins, Chris Stone, 17, from the West Midlands, told BuzzFeed News he'd "never been involved in anything as big as this online".

    "We all treated it as a joke at first but when people showed a genuine interest we really worked hard to make it an active, enjoyable group to be a part of – a very unique one as well," he said.

    "We're all just so stoked from the massive reaction we've suddenly received," he said. "From the Day one original members to the fresh-faced newcomers, we love everyone who loves meal deals in this group.

    "At the end of the day we want to help people who are interested in meal deals while still being fun, humorous and a unique group. I genuinely think we've achieved this."

    You can also keep up with the Meal Deal group on Twitter.

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